Monday, 25 January 2010

Sponsor a tent

Rice Seeds - Helping little ones reach their potential
Rice seeds started as a dream to see children have enough hope to dream. Many of the children that we reach out to come from families with parents who have very little if any education. Many of them don't study beyond 6th Grade as they leave school to work to help lighten the financial burden of their parents.
When these children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, they don't reply as you would think children should... doctor, lawyer, teacher... but they say things like dishwasher or bricklayer. We hope to see them grow enough that they feel they also have the right to dream big dreams - even if those dreams may not come true, every child should feel the freedom to dream.

Part of our ministry with these kids is to give them opportunities that they would otherwise never have- so that they can know that no matter what family background they come from, that they too are special. We would like to take them camping within the next few months. We will need to purchase tents and sleeping bags for around 20 children. Would you like to help us make this simple dream come true for some very special kids? One tent and two sleeping bags will cost only $30. If you would like to sponsor a tent, you can give online at: (please state that you making a donation to Ratchaburi and specify that you are giving to "The Lord's tents camping")

For more details -contact us at

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