Monday, 15 March 2010

There are many things that make converting to Christianity in Thailand challenging. One of those is that religion is so much a part of the culture here that when you become a Christian it almost feels like you have to give up a part of who you are as a Thai. It takes years for new Christians to understand what the commitment that they have made really means, and sometimes a very long time for their family to allow them the freedom to grow in the way that they need to.

Noiy has been a Christian since he was 17. His mom made a commitment about a year ago, and his sister and niece about 9 months ago – around the time that his dad passed away. Since that time, we have been encouraging them to take the step to remove the many idols from the house that they all live in. Noiy’s mom was ready a long time ago, but his brother-in-law was not ready to allow them to yet.

This past weekend, we received a phone call from Noiy’s sister to say that they were finally ready. With great joy we went along with our pastor to their house to pray with them and explain to the whole family what taking down the idols means for them in their faith with the Lord. On Sunday, Noiy’s sister attended church for the first time in a few months and we believe this is the start of something new for her as she taken a big step in faith. We are praying for protection on her whole family, especially her husband who hasn’t yet begun to walk in relationship with the Lord. Please pray along with us!

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Anton said...

Hi Noiy and Bronwyn,

This is great to see and it's very encouraging to know that the the truth of Christ is bringing change to the hearts of the Thai people you work with.

We will pray that God continues to bless you and that His truth will bring salvation to many!!