Monday, 23 August 2010

Mother's Day

God made something so special when he made the relationship between a mother and her children. Without a mother, none of us would exist. She is the one that God uses to bring life to us and to nurture us. She is the one that serves her children selflessly, sacrificing many things that her children may never know about. Yet, so often a mother is not shown the appreciation that is due to her.

The 12th of August is Mother's Day in Thailand. It is the one day that children take a few minutes to thank their mother for what they have done for them. This year, we decided to take the time to help the children in the Burmese community that we minister in to make their mother's feel loved.

The kids prepared and practiced a song and a skit for weeks in advance. We had a team of volunteers with us and they shared a message. The highlight of the morning however, was when each of the children fetched a bucket and a towel and washed their mother's feet. Many of the moms and their children were in tears as they expressed something in this gesture that perhaps any number of words that they could have spoken could not have expressed. The morning ended with every mother receiving a rose from each of their children.

There are so many ways that we can minister love in a community. We know that each of the mothers in the community was touched by the love of Christ during the time that we were with them on Mother's Day. We pray that God will continue to open the doors of their hearts for us to build on the relationships with them in the months to come.

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