Monday, 4 October 2010

The Lord's tents Camping 2!

 In April, we helped to make the dreams of a group of Burmese children come true by taking them camping for the first time. With the help of friends who helped us to purchase tents and sleeping bags for the first camp, the trip was a huge success. We now have the equipment that we need and have decided to take the kids camping a second time.

On the weekend of the 22-24 of October we will be taking our Burmese Children's Church kids on a camping trip. The team from Kings Kids Thailand will be joining us again and we are looking forward to more learning experiences for the kids. Our prayer is that they will learn more about living life with Jesus and that He will meet them where they are at during the time on the camp.

Please pray for the time that we will be camping and also for the time leading up to the trip. We had to contend with some spiritual warfare during the last camp with some of the parents having dreams that harm was going to come to their children and then preventing them from joining us for the trip. We pray that this time all of the kids will be able to join us and that the parents would be happy to let them do so. We also pray for  protection during the camping trip and travel to and from the campsite.

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