Thursday, 20 January 2011

Prison ministry

This week we went to teach the Bible for 2 days in the local prison. One of the prisoners brought his friend to me and said : "We need a word of encouragement. We are both HIV positive." I sat down and talked to them and shared the Gospel and His love with them. No matter who these men are or what happened to them, God loves them. They gave their lives to the Lord that day. They are so hungry to know God more and He is the only hope that they have. Please pray for them.

 Another prisoner wrote a letter to me saying that he will be released from prison this Friday. He wants to go to church. He wants to serve God and he wants to come back to the prison to share about God with the other prisoners. Isn't that amazing?

God truly loves each of us. No matter where we are at, or what we have done. His love is unconditional and cannot be held back by the walls of a prison.

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