Saturday, 16 April 2011

April 2011

In January this year we opened a small library for the Burmese community that we work with. There aren’t many books or toys there – but most of the children in the community had never owned a book of their own. With the help of a YWAM Montana DTS team, we decorated one of the small rooms in the community for the kids and set up the library for them. We are looking for more books, toys and board games for the kids, but for now we are just pleased that the kids have a safe place to learn and play. Noiy now also has a place where he can always have his Friday afternoon Bible class with the kids, instead of having to have it in front of someone else’s house.

It’s summer vacation now, but the new school term starts in May and we will be continuing on with our Rice Seeds Child Sponsorship Program. Please pray for us during this period of time as for some of the kids, their parents now consider them old enough (around 12-13) to begin working.  We would like to see the children be allowed to study higher, but ultimately the decision lies in the hands of their parents.  If you would like to pray for them by name, here are some pictures of the children:

If you would like to be a part of our Rice Seeds Library project or our Rice Seeds Child sponsorship Program, please contact us, or you can donate online at:

In February and March, our family travelled to South Africa to spend some much overdue time with family and friends there. It was such fun to watch Daniel and Naomi grow closer to their South African family. While there, we were able to share in a number of different places about what God is doing in Thailand. It was wonderful to be able to share the blessings of being involved in what God is doing here.  Noiy even had a chance to cook for a Thai evening that was hosted at the YWAM base in Muizenberg – for around 130 people!

Our children did really well with all the moving around that we did in South Africa, and it seems like they got some good practice in for the increase in travelling that we will be doing this year.  We sold our family vehicle at the end of last year and are praying for the finances to be able to purchase another one that will help us with the amount of travelling that we will be doing.  Please pray with us for the vehicle and also for travelling mercies, while we travel together as a family, and during the times when Noiy has to travel alone

Bronwyn Noiy Prommathat.

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