Monday, 22 August 2011

Forever changed by His love

"I will never be the same again
I can never return
I've closed the door
I will walk the path
I will run the race
And I will never be the same again."

This morning I watched six men give their lives to the Lord in the local prison. My heart rejoiced with them as they made the choice which will ultimately help them to find what it is that they have been striving for - the only thing that can fill that empty place in their hearts.

We had the chance to speak to some of the men who have been believers for some time. They spoke from their hearts of what God was doing in them  and it was truly beautiful to hear.
Often when people think about a prison they have preconceived ideas of what kind of people they will find there. It's easy to say that they are sinners, because their sin just happened to be punishable with a prison sentence. My sin however, while usually not against the law,  and often not even visible to other people, is still sin. And that's where God's amazing grace blows me away - He loves me, and each person that I met in the prison today, no matter what we have done. And His arms are wide open just waiting for each and every one of us to say "I am a sinner. I need You in my life."

One of the young men stood up at the end of the meeting to share something that was on his heart. He had had a friend's name on his heart. Someone that he wanted to share the Gospel with, but who happened to be in another zone of the prison. For days he had wanted to go and share of God's love with this man, but was not allowed to. Then, last night, that man took his own life. He encouraged the other men in the group to share of God's love while they still had time to - that we never know when our last chance will be. 

And we really don't know, but may we live each day sharing His love as if it were our last chance to do so.
Walking the path. Running the race. Never again to be the same - forever changed by His
Prison Walls Cannot Hold Back God's Love

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