Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Prison DTS - To know Him and make Him known

To know God and make Him known. Simple. True.

But what does it mean for someone who is a believer, imprisoned for something that they did before they knew anything about Jesus Christ? Can they still know God intimately? Can they make Him known?

The answer can be found in Glory Church – located inside the Ratchaburi Prison in Thailand. Many believers gather together to worship God every week. The prisoners themselves run the service. They speak passionately of their efforts to share the hope that they have found in the Gospel with their fellow inmates. The church was started by the inmates a short while after YWAM Ratchaburi had been running a church-like fellowship around once every month.

A Prison Experience

YWAM Ratchaburi has been ministering in the Ratchaburi prison for almost 2 years now. Initially a small group of believers attended, but the group grew really fast, with people giving their lives to Jesus every time the YWAM group came to visit. Apart from the church style fellowship that YWAM runs in the prison on a monthly basis, YWAM also organizes concerts to be able to reach more of the inmates with the message of the Gospel – with more than 1000 inmates being allowed to attend at a time. After one such concert it was reported back to the YWAM team that “Christian fever” had taken over the prison – it was all anyone could talk about.

Where would you go to grow more in your faith if you were in a prison? If you were one of the leaders of Glory church inside the Ratchaburi prison, where would you gain more teaching? How would you learn more so that you could help the other disciples to grow?

This June-August, YWAM Ratchaburi will be bringing a PDTS (Prison Discipleship Training School) into the Ratchaburi prison. We will be opening it up to receive 50 inmates - 50 inmates who have the opportunity to touch the lives of 4,500 men and 1,000 women while they are inside the walls of the prison, and countless numbers once they are released.

We are looking for staff  to be able to start the school. We need people who have completed their DTS and have a heart to disciple others. If you have completed your DTS and are thinking about staffing a DTS somewhere, please contact us to see if you could be a part of this amazing opportunity to help men and women of God grow.

We need sponsors who will come alongside us to help these 50 inmates to see this P-DTS become a reality. The running costs of the DTS will be around 230,000Baht –for 50 inmates that’s only 4,600Baht (US$150) per inmate. Would you be interested to sponsor one of our brothers or sisters to do their P-DTS? You could be a part of their story – helping them to live each day to know Him and make Him known.


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