Friday, 3 August 2012

Introducing Diaw

This is Diaw. At 28 years old, his life significantly changed a few months ago.

Diaw has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of 12. He dreams of travelling with a a band of his own, writing songs and performing.

A few months ago, Diaw made a wrong decision that landed him in jail for six months. While going to jail is nobody's ideal, Diaw's life may not have changed had he not had to serve the time in prison.

Inside the prison, Diaw met the inmates in the Christian fellowship that YWAM Ratchaburi runs. He joined the group and over time asked God to come into His life. He may not have understood much about Jesus, but God began using the gift that Diaw has in song writing to help him to understand more. To date Diaw has written more than 30 worship songs. He now dreams of using his musical gifting to help bring the truth of the Gospel to others who have never heard it before.

Diaw began the Prison DTS with YWAM Ratchaburi in June 2012, but was released only 2 weeks into the DTS and is not allowed back into the prison to complete the DTS with us. Diaw's life is changed. He is learning more every day, currently studying the Bible and serving alongside the YWAM Ratchaburi team. He wants to complete his DTS in Chaing Rai this coming September.

We believe that God has an amazing plan for Diaw. We are excited to see the things that he is learning and can already see an enormous amount of growth in him. He is humble and willing to learn, and most importantly, God has captured his heart.

If you would like to help to sponsor Diaw to attend his DTS you can do so online here: (please mention in the note that the donation is for Diaw's DTS). For more details, please contact us by email:

We are standing with Diaw in prayer - we know that he would appreciate your prayers too!

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