Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sanitary Pads for Christmas?

With names like Carefree, Freedom, Always and Stayfree, one would imagine that such a simple thing as a sanitary pad should be available to everyone who needs one. Unimaginable to most ladies is the reality that there are women out there who do not have access to the monthly necessity of sanitary pads.

The women in the Ratchaburi Central Prison do not have access to sanitary pads unless their friends or relatives bring them a supply when visiting. Visits are often few and far between leaving ladies in the prison with a limited supply of something which most of us would consider essential. Others have no visitors and must live without any access to sanitary pads among other essential items like toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo.

This Christmas  YWAM Ratchaburi would like to give a donation of as many sanitary pads as possible to as many ladies in the Ratchaburi Central Prison as possible. It's such a simple gift, but we really believe that they will feel loved by receiving something so practical. We will be holding our annual Christmas party in the prison on the 14th of December. Would you consider helping us to bring joy to the ladies in the Ratchaburi Central prison this Christmas? 

Interested in being a part of this really practical Christmas gift... you can give online here. (Please make sure to mention in the note that the gift should be for the "Ladies Prison Christmas")

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