Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's time to begin again...

Days blend into nights and nights blend into days and all of it is just wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. Then before we know it, three months have passed us by - in what seems like a blink of the eye.

We are the staff of the Prison Discipleship Training School (PDTS) in Ratchaburi Thailand - a three month training program where inmates learn important Biblical truths about who God is and who they are in Him. Last year was the very first time that the PDTS was run. If it went by in a blur for us, we cannot imagine what it must have been like for each one of the students who participated.

There is something that goes beyond human understanding when God's grace is extended to people who are labelled as the outcasts of society. The ones who have been abandoned  even by their own families. Assassins, murderers, drug dealers, rapists - they have committed the worst of crimes, and yet there is still grace for them. There is still forgiveness and peace, even behind the high walls of the prison.

This week, the second PDTS begins. Last year we had 55 students. This year, there are 72 students. 72 inmates studying about the love and grace and forgiveness that is available for them in Christ Jesus. 72 students, many of whom will remain in the prison, and who share the message of Christ with others through the bars of the cells that they sleep in. 

We could never have imagined that God would transform the prison in this way. Nor can we even begin to imagine what the prison will look like in the years to come should the Christians inside continue to be equipped and continue to share Christ with others. But what we can imagine, is that it will surely be an inexplicable kind of beauty that is rarely seen in this world today.

As we begin this three month journey again this Monday, as nights again begin to blend into days and everything becomes wonderful and terrifying all at the same time, all over again - please remember us in prayer. For we cannot fight this battle alone - we are only the messengers - we need an army of prayer warriors to stand with us in this battle.

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