Friday, 14 October 2011

Lending a helping hand - sand bags for flood prevention in Bangkok

Trucks to transport the sand bags to Bangkok and surrounding areas

Some locals filling sand bags

The principal of the Christian school in Ratchaburi came with some of his staff

students from the Technical school in Ratchaburi helping out

Thousands of bags - so far there are around 200,000 to be filled. The Government is hoping for up to a million bags to be really effective in preventing the floods, but so far there is not enough of a budget. 

One of the local pastors 

closing the bags 

Moving the bags into the trucks to be transported to where they are needed most

feeding the volunteers

A local pastor with his family and some church members

pastor and his wife

A pastor and a church elder

Noiy - YWAM Ratchaburi

Husband and wife from Kenya lending a hand

Noiy with the Senator in charge and directors of various government departments

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