Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lords tents camping 3

There’s something so special about being with someone as one of their dreams comes true. Working with the community of Burmese children in our Rice Seeds Program, we have been able to not only encourage them to dream beyond what seems possible, but also to be with them as they have been able to live some of those dreams out.

Encouraging them to dream beyond their community at first was extremely overwhelming for most of them. With parents who are laborers on a building site, many things seem completely out of reach to the kids. We started small – asking them if there is something that they dreamt of that they would like to do. They wanted to go camping – in tents and sleep in sleeping bags.
 With the help of a number of wonderful sponsors, we saw that camping trip happen and loved hearing stories from the kids of how they slept all night in their sleeping bags (in the sweltering heat of the Thai summer), because it was their dream, and it had finally come true. The kids spent 2 days doing all sorts of activities - including learning to make their own food inside pieces of bamboo. Most importantly, each of the kids had a chance to learn more about the God who loves them, and thinks that they are truly special – special enough not only to be allowed to dream, but to see those dreams come true. God loves them no matter what their background is or what their parents do.

On the18-20 of November we will take a group of kids camping once again. This will be our third camping trip with our Rice Seeds kids. On our second camping trip (last November), we joined together with Kings Kids Thailand, and ARK international. ARK brought some kids that they work with, mostly from slum communities in Bangkok. ARK will be joining us again for our trip this November, as will Baan Chu Jai, a social development center for teens in crisis.

 We will be travelling to Kanchanaburi for this particular camping trip and have been so blessed to have been given the location for free for the weekend. We do however have other costs that we need to cover (food/transport etc) with a total of around 80 people attending (40 children and 40 adults - staff and volunteers making sure everything runs smoothly).

We love that our Rice Seeds kids are coming with us again, and we are excited about what God is going to do in their hearts during the camping trip. We are also thrilled to have more kids joining us, all from different and difficult circumstances, but none any less special to God. 

We look forward to being a part of more kids dreams coming true. Would you like to have a part in helping to make this happen? We need to raise around 30 000Baht to cover the basic running costs of the camp and we certainly will be needing a lot of prayers (especially at this point that there will be no flooding anywhere near the campsite as there is a lot of flooding in central Thailand at the moment.)

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so online here. Please make sure to specify that the donation is for "The Lord's tents camping 3".

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