Sunday, 3 January 2016

Karen church opening

When we met the people in the Makaam Waan village a few years ago, they spoke to us about the vision that they had to build a new church. Their old bamboo church structure desperately needed replacing. It seemed like a distant dream from the desperately poor state of most of the villagers, but we prayed together with them and encouraged them to continue pursuing the vision.

The journey has been thrilling to be a part of as we have watched God provide little by little until finally on the 31st of December 2015, we were able to participate in the official opening of the long awaited church building.

What does this mean for the village of Makaam Waan other than no more leaking roof during the many a rainy Sunday morning church service and no more fear that visiting honored guests would fall through the many holes in the battered bamboo stage? It means that our Karen brothers and sisters have journeyed together, not only with us and with each other, but with our faithful God - and He has proven Himself faithful no matter the obstacle. It means that their faith has grown as they have been challenged to believe beyond their circumstances in a God that is great enough to fulfill even those things that may seem impossible. It is a testament to God's faithfulness like a rainbow or an alter of remembrance, so that those who were involved in the vision can share of the great things that God did on the way to seeing the church building finished.

Every Sunday morning, the beautiful Karen voices of Makaam Waan village will ring out in unison in a ballad of praise to Him who is most worthy. Our prayer is that He will be known intimately by them.

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