Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Walking in their shoes

We have discovered in the journey that we have walked with the children that we support to attend school that being given the opportunity to attend school is only one part of the equation. Being able to do it with as much dignity as possible is truly empowering. 

Children need the right equipment to follow their dreams, and in cases where their parents need to rely on sponsorships just to keep their children in school - the additional expenses that come along with being in school are often completely overwhelming. 

One of the primary expenses for school going children every year in Thailand is school uniforms. Part of the uniform that often does not get replaced due to their families limited budgets is the school shoes. We have seen many a child who has completely worn out the soles of their shoes, with their feet literally touching the ground when they walk.

Our wonderful friends at the International Community School  (ICS) in Bangkok recently helped us to start a fund towards purchasing new shoes for the children in two of the Karen villages in Suan Pueng for this coming school year, which begins in May. We would very much like to reach the goal of purchasing a new pair of school shoes for every one of the school going kids in the villages before the new school year begins. 

While 2 villages full of new shoes may seem like a huge goal, one new pair only costs around US$10.     
Join us in the joy of buying a pair of school shoes for someone who really needs them. 

If you would like to have a part in this project, you can donate online here.
(Please make sure to state in the note that it is for the Rice Seeds Shoe project)

Or contact us for more details: ratchaburi@ywamthailand.org


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